Workshop @ Natural Mystic Festival 2017

Earthship Seattle is proud to be doing a workshop at the Natural Mystic Festival. Join us the weekend of Aug 4th ticket info is listed in the event. Courtney Skony and Jamie Owens will be taking you down the rabbit hole of Earthships and sustainable living. At this workshop, you will learn about a less than zero carbon footprint off grid house called an Earthship.

We will carefully go over the 6 principals of Biotecture:

  1. Thermal/solar heating and cooling.
  2. Solar & wind electricity.
  3. Contained sewage treatment.
  4. Building with natural and recycled materials.
  5. Water harvesting,
  6. Food production. 

We promise to show you lots of pictures of Earthships from around the world. Then we will have a question and answer time. After which we will teach you how to turn your household trash into building materials. Then we will have a creative conversation about the things we can build with our upcycled building materials. We are most excited to network with you about our current big project. To build a living breathing Earthship here in Seattle. We have 501c3 sponsorship and are not afraid to use it. First, we need the land. Then we will order the custom designs from Biotecture Headquarters. Next, we permit this beautiful structure. Then, at last, we build it! Please join us Cascadians! We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.
Natural Mystic Event

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