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An Earthship needs good sun exposure. It usually means being on a flat or south facing lot, without too many trees or other buildings blocking the sun. Contact us if you are interested in building an Earthship on your land.

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Ecobuild Permits

We’ve started to gather a bit of information by talking to the building departments of unincorporated King County in Snoqualmie, and of the city of Tacoma…

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Local Builders

Resources about builders who live in Washington that have various degrees of expertise regarding Earthship construction. Let us know about your Earthship expertise and let’s build up our ranks!

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Earthships were developed in Taos, New Mexico. The climate is quite different in Seattle, Washington. Here are some differences to keep in mind…

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Meeting Notes

For those that aren’t able to make meetings all the time, we regularly take notes and post them to your website to keep everyone informed everything that was discussed and worked on!

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