New and exciting things coming up!

Hey there all you Earth-shipians! We have some exciting things coming up for the next meeting this month and some other events:
* This next Earthship Meeting in Redmond on September 28th will consist of some new things to talk about, like things you can decorate your house with using materials like quickrete and some decorations with tires. 
*We have a build going on in Port Angeles! Stay tuned for that information coming up as well as being talked about at the meeting.
* We need materials for the build in Port Angeles! We will also need things like clay, wheelbarrows, etc. for the build. If you know where to get tires from, bottles, what have you, please let us know!
* We got a green light for a build in Clark County, WA As well! I know it’s not Seattle, but it’s another possibility for a build and to get Earthships out there!

As we get more information, a lot of that will be covered in the Redmond meeting at Soulfood Coffee House! We encourage all of you new and experienced with Earth Ships to come check us out and see what ideas we have to share! And of course, notes on what we discussed will be posted on the site as well as the Facebook page for those that aren’t able to make the meeting.


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