What’s an Earthship? An Earthship is a sustainable home made of recycled materials, providing comfort, food, and all of its utilities on-site, without using any fossil fuels.

Our mission is to raise awareness about Earthships and tackle the barriers between people and their Earthship dream in the greater Seattle area.

Our goal is to build an Earthship Seattle Visitor Center (ESVC). This building will be single bedroom global model Earthship home. It will be custom designed for our local climate and will demonstrate the 6 principles of Biotecture. These 6 principles aim to bridge the gap between the natural systems of the Earth and our built environment.

We envision the ESVC being a communal hub hosting events, gatherings and educational endeavors. The wider goal of the ESVC is to pave the way for others to utilize this radically sustainable building technique. Fast forward ten years and we envision Earthship subdivisions. We see families of all socioeconomic backgrounds living in and building Earthships. Our mission of bringing Earthship building code to the state of WA does not stop in the state of WA; we’d like to influence the states and countries around us as well.

2017-18 Proposed Activities:

  • Coordinate fundraising campaigns to gather resources.
  • Seek land acquisition for eventual building site.
  • Research and develop a construction plan for the Visitors Center.
  • Document the process for navigating building codes in Earthship construction.
  • Offer free workshops to the public on Earthships and biotecture principles.

For more information and schedule of upcoming events visit our Facebook Page.


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