Let’s finish building the first ever Earthship in Seattle!

The first Earthship inspired building ever in Seattle, aka the Trash Studio, is nearing completion.

Check out the calendar to see when the next work parties are scheduled.

We need donations of some materials, and donations or loans of some tools so that we can finish.

This project has not involved any exchange of money and we intend to keep it that way, to demonstrate that it’s always possible to find a solution that does not require money.

Here’s a list of what we still need. Last updated 1/20/2016.

For the roof:

Flat panes of styrofoam, the longer the better
Flat panes of styrofoam, the bigger the better. At least a couple of feet wide, and as long as possible (4-8 feet or more) would be great.



Screws around 6" longNails around 4" long
Screws or nails around 4″ long, not too thick as they will have to go through thin layers of wood that are prone to splitting. We could also use a few more 6″ screws (up to 50 or so).

For the interior wall:

Metal trowel for cob/cement/plaster. Up to 3 of them, ideally with round angles. Various sizes would be great (ie. 1 foot long, but also 5-6″ narrow ones)

For the front face wall:

Red or purple bottles, or other rare colors
Red or purple glass bottles, or other rare colors
Chicken wire
A little more chicken wire! We ran out.

Some straw or other fiber, for the cob.

Trash Studio on NPR!

Trash Studio

Trash Studio

In case you live on another planet and you’ve missed it, check out that interview of Roxanne on KUOW

A Taste of Phase 2

A Taste of Phase 2

A Taste of Phase 2

We reached the 11th (and last) course of tires on Sunday Oct 5th.

There’s still some leveling to do to finish the 11th course. Next we will use cob, anchor bolts, and wood to make a bond beam that will run all across the U-shape of the top course of tires.

The last couple of days, we have been doing some prep work for Saturday with the help of Weston and Mandy.

Today I cut the edges of some 15-foot floor boards, sanded them, cut the extra 1 foot or so that we don’t need, and marked the placement of some spacer blocks.
Doing some carpentry, finally, felt really nice and motivating. Phase 2 (the roof) is approaching!