Bellingham Or Bust!

Bellingham event

Bellingham event

On Friday, Feb 13th, Earthship Seattle headed up to Bellingham to help out our friend, Giselle, start an Earthship Bellingham group. She wanted to host a screening of the documentary, Garbage Warrior, to introduce people to the concept of Earthships and to sign up to get involved. Giselle has traveled to Seattle a few times to help with our Trash Studio build, and showed so much enthusiasm that we fell in love with her!

Before the screening, earlier in the day, we all headed to the Bellingham city planning office to ask about permitting, etc. We spoke to one man who ended up telling us about an architect who had built Bellingham’s first off-grid home. In great excitement to learn about this we found the address and info on the web, and headed over to the home to see if we could speak to the builder/owner. He wasn’t home, but his nanny was there and allowed us in to have a look. Later that evening the architect/owner came to our movie screening panel discussion so we got to meet him and we are grateful to have made the connection! His name is Dan, and we are hoping he’ll write a short blog entry for us to post here one day soon about his design and plans to start a green design firm. We need MORE people like him on our side!

In the evening, the screening was a GREAT success, with an estimated 75 people or so attending. A lively panel discussion happened afterwards, and then a large group of folks headed over to Giselle’s house for a party to celebrate. the new connections and a bright new future for Earthship Bellingham! Congrats to you, Bellingham!!

See the video of Giselle’s introduction on YouTube

Earthships are Healing

Zarna working on the Trash Studio

Zarna working on the Trash Studio

Hi, I’m Zarna, a steering committee member of Earthship Seattle. I’ve been an activist all my life, and have struggled for justice on three different continents. I’ve struggled for the environment, fair trade, student rights, social justice, women’s rights, and for political transparency. One thing I’ve learned is that the activist struggle is relentless. It’s a continous rage against the machine of capitalism, greed, prejudice, and fear.

While every minute of the struggle is worthy, and every victory – big or small – is celebrated, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the nature of the work. To fight and fight against a system that continues to burn fossil fuels even when hundreds of thousands of people march in the streets…it can lower even the most enthusiastic spirit. Knowing that in less than two hundred years human beings have destroyed a global ecological balance that took thousands of years to form – that is an overwhelming truth even for a seasoned activist.

Burnout becomes a genuine threat at that point for anyone and particularly for me. I wonder if I can continue on this path when it’s so emotionally and mentally draining to fight an oppressive system.

That’s one of the reasons why Earthship Seattle is so important to me. The work we do is about building something tangible beyond that oppressive system.

It’s incredibly healing for me to be at an Earthship Seattle work party, working with dirt and recycled materials, knowing that with every bottle brick we make and tire we pound, we’re taking pollution out of the environment. It’s healing to be in such a positive atmosphere, where community members come together without words or placards but instead with shovels and positive energy. It gives me the strength and motivation to keep going on this path, and feel hope that good sense and community will triumph in the end. That’s why I’m able to continue my work in activism through grassroots direct action, while also presenting concrete solutions against the system through Earthship Seattle.

Earthship solutions don’t depend on waiting for politicians to FINALLY make the right decision, or corporations to grow a conscience. To build an Earthship and help others in the community build Earthships – that is the healing art of Earthship Seattle. It’s unique among activist groups because while we know that our mission won’t be easy to accomplish, we know that we’ll be building the whole way.

Tune in for Earthship Seattle on The Joe Show

The Joe Show

The Joe Show

Tune in on AM 930 Progressive Talk KBAI on Wednesday 2/4 at noon.

Joe will be interviewing Zarna and Chrissy from Earthship Seattle, about Earthships and related activities in Seattle and Bellingham.

Listen to The Joe Show!

Movie Screenings

Hey there!  If you want to host a private movie screening at you house for your friends and family.  I am available upon request to do that with you.  I will bring the movie and answer any questions your people might have about these amazing homes.

There’s a lot going on!

Upcoming Dates - Event Poster

Upcoming Dates

Our team has expanded, which is increasing our outreach capabilities.

We have a lot of events coming up that will help raise awareness about Earthships.

Our current project, the Trash Studio, deserves an update of its own. Coming soon!
But just so you know, we need dirt! So if you know someone who can volunteer their truck, please get in touch with us.

Our Earthship Seattle Meetup group is a great way to stay up-to-date with all our events!

  • November 11th, 6 pm: Presentation/workshop at OHM Seattle (led by Rachel Payne)
  • November 14th, we will promote the Earthship concept at the Swan Creek Food Forest in Tacoma.
  • Late November/early December: Movie screening at Seattle University (led by Zarna Joshi)
  • November 24th, 7 pm: Movie screening at Soul Food Books in Redmond (led by Jamie Owens)
  • November 25th, 6:30 pm: Movie screening at Bellevue College (led by Denise Whitlow)
  • Early December: Movie screening at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma (led by Chrissy Cooley)
  • December 6th: Workshop at Monkey Loft in Seattle (led by Jamie Owens)

Please come support us!