Earthship Academy

When you want to get your hands dirt and become more invested in Earthship construction yourself, you can attend an internship or the Earthship Academy, usually held in Taos, New Mexico, the birthplace of Earthships.

During an internship, you will be working on some elements of Earthship construction. It is a lot cheaper than the Academy, but there won’t be much teaching, it will mostly be about performing some easy and possibly repetitive manual tasks.

The Earthship Academy is the way to go if you want to become an Earthship builder. You will have to attend an Academy session taking place over several weeks, during which you will be taught everything about Earthship construction, history and philosophy. Graduating the Academy requires an extra field study, typically volunteering on a start to finish build along with the Earthship crew, on an Earthship somewhere around the world, usually for 4-5 weeks, as well as completing an Independent Study, which you need to plan and discuss along with Earthship instructors.

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